Melanie Schwartz

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Sponsor Melanie

Melanie depends on private sponsors and donations to fund her skiing career.
If you are interested in being a part of her dream, to discuss options or make a secure Donation in the amount of your choice.

Melanie could not embark on her ski career without help. She recieves support from coaches, organizations, family, and friends.
Special thanks to the following:

CAS (Convergence Acceleration Solutions) Group

Thanks to CAS Group for becoming Melanie's head sponsor. CAS Group is making it possible for Melanie to be a full-time athlete year round for the first time. Their support enables her to fully focus on training, racing and allows Melanie to acheive her full potential as a skier. The CAS Group works on large scale transformation projects in Cable & Telecommunications. Melanie is thrilled with this new partnership because it relates to her second career in Computer Science.

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Thanks to Giro for their incredible helmets, goggles, and lenses. Giro recently added alpine racing gear to their product line and I am glad they did! I love their downhill helmet and my eyes are grateful for their goggle protection. The high-quality products are comfortable.

Giro Logo


Thanks to Enabling Technologies, the creators of Superlite outriggers. As a strong beleiver in Superlite outriggers, Melanie is thrilled with her new riggers. Superlites are the most common outriggers used by both stand-up and sit-down skiers. Superlites are ideal for first-time skiers and elite racers alike.

Enabling Technologies Logo

Adaptive Spirit

Thanks to Adaptive Spirit, for their ongoing support of the US adaptive alpine, nordic and snowboards teams. The annual Adaptive Spirit fundraising event takes place at Vail each April and is crucial to funding both the teams and indivudual athletes.

Adaptive Spirit Logo

Challenged Athletes Foundation

Thanks to the Challenged Athletes Foundation, for their support of adaptive athletes. They help disabled athletes from all over the world pursue physical fitness and compete in a variety of sports.

Challenged Athletes Foundation Logo

Canadian Athletes Now Fund

Thanks to Canadian Athletes Now Fund (CanFund) is a not-for-profit organization devoted solely to raising funds and awareness for Canada's athletes. The Fund has been set up to help Canada's athletes ready for international summer and winter Games. Monies donated to the Fund are put directly into the hands of Canadian elite athletes to support their training, coaching, nutrition and living expenses in preparation for international competition.

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Thanks to Katie Hartman, Lauren Woolstencroft, a former memeber of the Canadian Para-Alpine Ski Team, and Dennis Waddington of Doubled Enterprises Ltd. in Edgewater, BC for their generous donations of equipment and ski gear including skis, bindings, ski boots and lots more!

Track 3

Thanks to Henk Engels and everyone at the Ontario Track 3 Ski Association for teaching Melanie to ski and providing a pair of outriggers.

Ontario Track 3 Ski Association Logo


Thanks the Canadian Association of Disabled Skiiers (CADS), National Capital District (NCD) for giving Melanie a great introduction to racing and ongoing support.


Photo Credits

Thank you to the photographers and videographers whose work appears on this website (in no particular order):